Movement for Climate, Jobs, and Justice. 


We are in a climate crisis. The time to act is NOW. PCM-NY focuses on efforts to encourage NYC to be in the forefront of policies designed to move off of fossil fuels while building a new and sustainable energy economy.


Take Action

There are moments when a unified outpouring of people from every corner of the country is needed. Won't you join us?

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Join the Movement

To do our most effective work we need a team of volunteers in every corner of New York City. Sign up now to help us out, and recruit your friends to sign up as well.

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View the Gallery

Look back at actions we have organized and joined in New York, Albany, and Washington, D.C.

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On September 6, New Yorkers will gather to add our voices to national and global call for immediate, bold, effective approaches to Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice. On the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit in California, we will take to the streets of NYC demanding that our local elected officials move beyond the nice talk and start taking the steps we know are needed to confront the climate crisis.

Details of the day are being developed, so sign up know to get updates and learn how you can help build this action. The Peoples Climate Movement NY has initiated this NYC action and we’re building broad support to help build this mobilization. With more than 30 organizations already involved we are expecting momentum to grow in the coming months.

Join us as we hold our local leaders to account and demand that they walk the talk on climate action.