People’s Climate Movement Mobilization Meeting Speech

Climate action cannot possibly exist while an extractive economy continues to flourish, which is why it is our responsibility to develop a new economy: a regenerative economy. A regenerative economy does not rely on labor driven by exploitation and utilizing natural resources to a nonrenewable point. In fact, it works to achieve social and ecological well-being for all. 

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Langa Sibanda
After the March: Building a Youth-Led Climate Movement

On Saturday, July 21st, thousands of students, adult allies, and organizations across the globe marched and rallied to demand that our lawmakers act on climate change. Here in NYC, 300 participants marched from Columbus Circle to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, right by UN Headquarters, to join the call for environmental justice. As marchers, we chanted our support for a carbon tax, urged President Trump to recommit to the Paris Accords, and declared that #thisiszerohour for climate action.

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