The Power of the People Cannot Be Stopped

Two weeks ago, nearly a dozen Rise for Climate mobilizations took place across New York State. Every action called on Governor Cuomo to Rise to the challenge of achieving bold, ambitious climate action in anticipation of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

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Patrick Houston
Labor & Climate Rise for Justice

We know the climate crisis is inextricably linked to inequality: large, multi-billion dollar industries create the lion’s share of the planet’s pollution, and the ultra-rich disproportionately consume resources and use energy, while low-income communities suffer the negative effects of a warming planet. That’s why ALIGN focuses its work at the intersection of jobs, economic inequality, and the environment.

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Brett Thomason
Hey, Governor Cuomo: Remember Me?

When I tell people that we’re rising up to fight for climate justice, they’re all ears. But sometimes they seem surprised that we’re going after Governor Cuomo to be a real climate leader. I have to let them know that while the Governor talks a good game, his record tells a different story.

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Laura Shindell
People’s Climate Movement Mobilization Meeting Speech

Climate action cannot possibly exist while an extractive economy continues to flourish, which is why it is our responsibility to develop a new economy: a regenerative economy. A regenerative economy does not rely on labor driven by exploitation and utilizing natural resources to a nonrenewable point. In fact, it works to achieve social and ecological well-being for all. 

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Langa Sibanda